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PBCommit offers a range of bespoke investigative interview training options, for British and International Police Forces, law enforcement agencies and commercial sector businesses. Our generic training portfolio is listed below although we are happy to design and deliver specific investigative interview training to suit your business needs. Please feel free to contact PBCommit in order to discuss bespoke training requirements.

PIP Level 1 Foundation Course (formerly tier 1);

PIP Level 2 Investigator Course (formerly tier 2);

PIP Level 2 Specialist Witness Course (formerly tier 3);

PIP Level 2 Specialist Suspect Course (formerly tier 3);

Interview Awareness Managers Course (formerly tier 4);

PIP Level 2 Specialist Adviser Course (formerly tier 5);

Mentoring and Assessing for PIP Level 2 Accreditation;

Strategic Interviewing of Vulnerable Adults Course;

Statement Structure and Compilation Course.

Investigative interview training options for the police service and law enforcement agencies:

Foundation Level Investigative Interviewing;

Intermediate Level Investigative Interviewing;

Advanced Level Investigative Interviewing*;

Advanced Level Investigative Interviewing**;

Interview Awareness for Supervisors / Managers;

Telephone Conversation Interviewing Course;

Investigative Reports Structure and Compilation.

*    Compliant interviewee.

** Non-compliant interviewee.

Investigative interview training options for the commercial sector:

All training is aligned to the accreditation levels of the National Professionalising Investigation Programme (P.I.P).

“PIP is aimed at police officers and staff whose role involves them conducting or managing investigations, conducting interviews with victims and witnesses, and interviewing suspects. The development and maintenance of investigative skills is at the heart of the PIP programme.”  

NPIA web site click here

*All police and law enforcement agency training is aligned to the accreditation levels of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) Professionalising Investigations Programme (PIP).

**Investigative interviewing training courses offered to commercial organisations compliment the accreditation levels of the NPIA Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP). - - - -  

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