Qualifications & experience:

ACPO Accredited National Interview Advisor;

Qualified National Police Trainer;

National Police Training Development Officer & A1 Assessor;

Graduate - National CID Officer Course;

Accredited Specialist Suspect Interviewer (PIP Level 2);

Accredited Specialist Witness Interviewer (PIP Level 2);

Accredited Vulnerable Witness Interviewer;

(Children And Key Witnesses);

Specialist Interview Advisor (PIP Level 2);

ACPO Counter Terrorism & Allied Matters, Advisor & Trainer;

Qualified Advanced Disclosure Trainer;

Qualified National Optical Evidence Gatherer;

Police Service (Uniform and Detective) Tutor & Mentor;

Qualified Level 1 & 2 British Sign Language;

Certificate In Communication Tactics;

National Certificate In Deaf Studies;

Certificate In Deaf & Blindness Studies;

Foundation Certificate In Exercise Studies;

NCFE Certificate In Equality And Diversity.

Relevant additional experience:  

2009 - 2012 Appointed ACPO Assessor for Interview Advisors in Cumbria, Cheshire and Merseyside Police

   and the Royal Air Force, Special Investigations Branch;

2010 - 2012 Appointed Primary Assessor to Greater Manchester Police, Force Interview Advisors;

2011 Delivered Specialist Interview Advisor Training to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI);

2008 -10 Delivered Specialist Suspect and Interview Advisor Training to Cumbria Police;

2007 Appointed as the first, dedicated GMP Divisional Interview Advisor;

2006 Appointed as one of the first ACPO Accredited National Interview Advisers;

2003 Appointed as one of the first Greater Manchester Police Accredited Specialist Interview Advisors.

2012 Implemented the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Interview Accreditation Database;

2011 Consultant to the authors of the Greater Manchester Police ‘Dealing with Death’ policy;

2011 Formulated and implemented interview accreditation protocols for Greater Manchester Police Divisions and Departments;

2011 Author of the official ACPO positional statement: ‘Challenging Witness Testimony’;

2010 Formulated and implemented new interview accreditation protocols for  the Greater Manchester Police Major Incident Team;

2005 Implemented the Greater Manchester Police Advanced Suspect Interview Course and supportive material manual (adopted by West Yorkshire and Cumbria Police);

2005 Devised and implemented the Greater Manchester Police National Investigative Interview Course;

2004 Produced the guidance document on pre-interview disclosure for the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) ‘Genesis’ web site.


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ACPO Accredited National Interview Advisor:

Peter Boon has been an ACPO Accredited National Interview Adviser since November 2005.

In this role he has had regional and national responsibility for providing operational expertise to Senior Investigating Officers in major crime investigations and Investigating Officers in complex, volume and serious crime investigations, specifically in relation to the interviewing of victims, witnesses, or suspects.

The role also includes responsibility for the formulation and delivery of PIP level 2 Specialist Witness, Suspect and Adviser training to police forces within England and Northern Ireland.

Additional qualifications:

ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers; GMP - Greater Manchester Police; NPIA - National Policing Improvement Agency.

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