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If you have a question that is not answered on these pages please email PBCommit for a direct response.

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Q: Why should I engage your services as opposed to another training and consultancy provider?

A: PBCommit is the only provider at this time that is able to deliver a service that is based on current and up to date operational practices from an individual accredited at national advisory, specialist witness, specialist suspect and counter terrorism levels.

Q: What are your costs?

A: As each training course or consultancy session is tailor made to meet the client’s specific needs please contact PBCommit to discuss in more detail our competitive rates and programme contents.

Q: How do I know that you will achieve my training objectives?

A: PBCommit will research and explore each client’s individual and precise requirements. Training courses and supportive material will be delivered and supplied that guarantee maximum development whilst meeting the client’s specific needs. This will ensure that all training objectives are achieved.

More frequently asked questions will appear here shortly.

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