PBCommit aims to ensure professionals working in the field of investigative interviewing are provided with appropriate levels of knowledge and practical skills to enable them to effectively and competently achieve positive outcomes whilst maintaining integrity throughout the investigative process.

PBCommit is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. This understanding is based on many years experience and accumulated expertise in investigative interviewing. PBCommit offers an ethical, bespoke service to police forces, as well as public and corporate businesses.

PBCommit provides specialist expertise in investigative interviewing.

The company offers a full consultancy service and bespoke training programmes in a range of investigative interview subject areas to police forces, law enforcement agencies, public and corporate sector businesses.

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Association of Chief Police officers (ACPO);

Portsmouth Univ. Institute of Criminal Justice Studies;

Crown Prosecution Service (CPS);

Employment tribunals;

Health & Safety Executive.

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